Sunday, January 1, 2012

Montecillo Crianza


This was our Christmas main meal wine served with honey baked ham, creamy parmesan mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, green beans and peasant bread. As consumed with the ham, I found this wine very good. Made from Tempranillo grapes, this was a burst of cherry-vanilla flavor with a bit of musty earthiness mixed in. It reminded my brother too much of a French red due to the earthiness and he did not like it - one bad night of too much Beaujolais - he opted for pinot noir. However, the Guy and I enjoyed it.

It just didn't feel like Christmas. I guess I was not alone as almost everyone I have spoken with since Christmas Day has concurred. Everything just felt different for some reason. I never felt "in the spirit" no matter how hard I tried. I listened to my favorite carols and appreciated the beauty of my tree and the gathering of family. I attended Christmas Eve candlelight service. Nothing brought it to the forefront. This was a hard year for my family. We lost three very important people. And life has changed as a result. But it seems, it is not just my family feeling off this year.

Christmas night I went in to check E-mail and saw the horribly sad headlines of the Badger family fire. I became immersed in the story and have felt incredible sorrow ever since. I don't know how Madonna Badger's life will ever feel right again. Christmas is forever sad for her and Matthew Badger. The firefighters on scene will never be the same either. It seemed like it was so close to being preventable - that each child and their grandparents were SO close to almost escaping. And everyone did the best they could to save them, yet it just wasn't enough.

Be thankful for each day you've got with your family and hug the children in your life.

8.0 out of 10
13.5% alc. by vol.
$14 / 750 ml. bottle

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