Friday, January 6, 2012

Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Red Dry Wine

This is a highly enjoyable wine to have with Italian fare. Great with pizza and/or such Italiano spices as oregano and garlic. This was my birthday bottle at a restaurant. It was enjoyed with prosciutto and arugula pizza. I liked it so much I gave it as Christmas gifts. Word is that the wooden piece that comes attached to each bottle (not seen in this image) is attached by students at a deaf school near the vineyard.

Tonight we had it with spaghetti with oregano and sauteed garlic and organic turkey and roasted garlic crushed tomatoes topped with a four-cheese combo of fontina, provolone, asiago, and parmesan. It was just as good as it was the night of my birthday with the pizza.

Nothing like beginning your day with a speculum and an anal probe. My doc laughed at me and told me he wished he had a camera so he could take a picture of my face. Good thing I happen to like him. I even thanked him after it was all over - isn't that worse than thanking a police officer for giving you a speeding ticket??? Anyway, that's how my day started and it never got much better. So I decided to purchase a bottle of this after leaving the doctor's office. It was a no-brainer. Hmmmm, how do I erase the bad memories of this morning's wake-up call? I fantasized about wine as I drove away and decided: Lets just end the day with a vanilla-cherry chocolate bomb the likes of a full-bodied red zin.

I sat in the waiting room surrounded by pregnant women. I waited in line to check out with pregnant women in front of me and pregnant women behind me. I should have been happy for them all. But I selfishly felt old and sad that my own were growing up and I have had my day. I am menstruating again for the third time this month. That is after having not menstruated at all for two and a half months. And that is following a month of feeling extremely warm when I am always cold and a month of extreme emotions. Yes, I am losing my child-bearing years. I am also being gross for any male readers out there. But this is my reality. I am beginning a new phase of life and it is not easy to grasp. I miss the spit up, and drool, and gummy smiles, and beautiful-smelling bald heads of yesteryear and I wish I could spend my life surrounded by them. Life goes incredibly fast. That's why we all need our own personal cantina!

I count the cars out on the highway
I think about you now and then
The stars are out and no one knows me
Til I'm home again

The sun breaks across the water
A warm reminder on the wind
The days are sweet but what I want is to be home again
To be home again

HEM -Home Again

8.0 out of 10
13% alc. by vol.
$12 - $15 / 750 bottle

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